My partners in crime…

July 25, 2008 at 9:01 pm (My family)

I realised that it is completely wrong to post pics of my spawn without posting pics of my co-parents and friends. I also feel the need to show off their baby, who is a baby NO MORE *sniffles* and a big boy in his own right.

I really have to hand it to my ex, Trucker Man:

Not only did he display remarkable taste by dating me 11 or so years ago, but he then went on to find this beautiful lady  and somehow convince her that he’s good enough for her (he is, of course, but I’m very picky in regards to my friends). I like to call her The StepMama, but she deserves a better nic. Will have to mull that one over til I find something worthy. See that gorgeous big boy snuggled up to her? That’s the King, also known as Stinkerbelle’s baby brother. Of course, Beast lays claim to him as well, because we’re a very close family and it’s totally unfair for one Spawn to have a baby brother but not the other.

Sadly they live over *8* hours away which means we don’t get to spend much physical time together, but I lurve them all very much.

And I will, yes WILL, find a way to fully spoil that boy. Another couple years and he’ll be fully under my evil influence. 

It’s only fair, considering all the miniskirts and lipgloss that have found their way into my home courtesy of StepMama.

I’m thinking THIS perhaps for the next birthday vvv

They’ll NEVER get all that Moon Sand out of the carpet hehehe


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