My Spawn

July 25, 2008 at 6:20 pm (My family)

This is my eldest spawn, hereafter referred to as Stinkerbelle for reasons I’d rather not get into prematurely. Much to my constant amazement she will be turning 10 tomorrow. As far as I can tell she’s not TRYING to be my Mini Me, but somehow  manages to make me scratch my head and wonder just how certain traits are passed on when there’s no known genetic propensity for some of our shared quirks. In any case, she’s my pride and joy, the one person I can credit for my rapid transformation from selfish youth to reasonably ‘together’ adult. Stinkerbelle very much enjoys all things pink, fluffy, candy-scented, and dance-themed. Because I love her I swallow the protests and curb my ‘great’ ideas that include dying one’s hair black and wearing torn fishnets with some clunky old steeltoes. Stink’s a top 40 bubblegum pop princess and That’s Okay.


Now THIS little guy, often referred to as The Beast, is my baby boy. Not much of a baby anymore at 5 years old, but a mom can look back fondly and sniffle.

Not surprisingly, he spends a good deal of time figuring out how to drive his sister batty and his mom loony. He has a talent for such things. Beast is currently very much fascinated by Spiderman, although Batman is beginning to catch his interest. Beast believes that no movie is too scary for him and yearns for The Dark Knight, but alas, I am not quite THAT relaxed in terms of what he watches. 

So these are my kids. I’m pretty pleased with them and dare anyone to suggest that they are in any way less than perfectly behaved devil spawn. They ARE mine, after all.


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