The Art of the Power-Trip

July 28, 2008 at 4:24 pm (Rant)

It really needs to be acknowledged that moderating or running a forum takes oodles of patience and dedication. The level of maturity necessary to perform such a task and perform it WELL far exceeds any benefits that the innocent may imagine are integrated with such a responsibility. 

I think this is why borderline psychotic mods who go on a power trip and make their rather unappetizing insecurities evident to the hapless souls who frequent forums piss me RIGHT the hell off. 

Case in point: the one-time WB message boards.

It was a time of fun, it was a time of serenity, it was a time when the WB both still existed AND laid claim to decent programming. Aaah, the good old days of a zillion posts regarding who Joey Potter should choose and whether or not Buffy was a total skank. I posted there with enthusiasm, youthful vigor, and occasional venom. 

It’s true… I was guilty of being a bit of a bitch. I DID pick fights on my bad days, but in my defense I only picked on people who were either complete idiots or so puffed up with the knowledge of their own superiority they were clearly begging to be taken down a peg or two. I threw the word ‘pedomorph’ around with laughable frequency, giggling over the outraged comebacks ‘yeah, well your a cow’ (sic) and wondering aloud what it would take to get Gilbore Girls off the air. 

Would like to note that as of 2007 that crap was STILL on the flippin air, but that’s a whole other topic. 

Not surprisingly, once the boards became moderated, I slowly became aware that my worthier adversaries were dropping like flies. The only people with the vocabulary and nerve to face me head on, as it were, were disappearing almost as soon as they made me double over in outrage and glee. Yeah folks, I LIKE a challenge, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good debate. 

Where were they going? Surely they weren’t running away; these kids were hard-core. 

And then it all became clear.

They were being BANNED.

That’s right, BANNED. 

Somehow they were offending the gods known as MODS and getting their wonderfully aggressive little arses tossed from the boards. 

I did a lot of head-scratching on that; looked for examples of my friendly foes being more offensive or abrasive than myself and finding none. It began to look as if anyone who opposed me would find that oh-so-scary email waiting in their inbox informing them that their presence was no longer wanted at the good ol’ WB.

Didn’t make much sense; as far as I knew I had no friends among the MODS. They had their groupies and I had my coterie of adversaries. 

There was clearly nothing to be done but try to get myself banned too. I wanted to see what it would take to get booted off the boards. I picked fights with more enthusiasm than I had ever displayed before in an effort to get that email. I wanted that email; I earned that email. 

And would you believe I never got one? Never. The only other bickering bastard who managed to maintain that status was my most excellent adversary: BobsMyUncle. To this day I must yield to his superior intellect if inferior taste in television programming. He was also a lot meaner than I was. Bob…wherever you are, I miss you man. You made me throw things across the room, coming up with truly creative profanity in YOUR HONOUR.

Long after I left the WB boards I remembered my magical ability to do or say anything and remain unbanned there. It was a curse or something.

Two days ago I was reminded that we all grow, we all change, and message boards, no matter how different they may SEEM at first, well kids, they’re all the same. For some reason, I can’t get banned and a number of Admin are complete assclowns. Now, however, I don’t pick fights. I somehow stumble into them, look for whomever seems to be the underdog, and wade on in. 

Which brings me to the original point of this post. Forum Admins have a responsibility to behave in an even more mature manner than the people who frequent their boards. 

Picking on teenaged girls and locking every freaking thread they start is NOT appropriate use of power. Going into people’s posts and sneakily, and ever so psychotically editing said post so as to warp the ENTIRE meaning, well, again: INAPPROPRIATE use of power. Playing favourites and calling decent people cheats just because there are obvious feelings of insecurity and inferiority, well, say it with me kiddies: NOT APPROPRIATE.

That would be why there’s gonna be a blue-haired bug squashed under my ever-so-sexy heel right quick here. 

Either that or there will be iridescent fairy wings hitting the blender.

And I betcha I won’t get banned.


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