The Birthday Girl

July 29, 2008 at 2:22 am (My family)

This here is my best friend: Despite the tone of this photo she spends much of her time smiling. Has a BEAUTIFUL smile, although it was hiding the moment this picture was taken. ***well, she’s smiling in this picture cuz she got mad about the other one and requested this one instead. See her smile?*** I’m proud to say that Jazzie and I, as of today, are the same age! Yes, that’s correct, the gorgeous bad-ass in that there picture is no longer younger than me; oh no, HELL no, she’s now 31 as well. 

Which would mean we’ve been friends for…


14 years! Pretty nifty, I think. Almost as nifty as the fact that 14 years in and she still has the ability to put me on my knees laughing myself sick. Add to that her amazing ability to make some extremely pretty babies (although I produced the boy hahahaha) and know a home remedy for every malady know to man and you have one hell of an slammin’ woman. 

My best friend. 

Who is 31!

Happy Birthday Jazzie!

I love you, you dork.


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