Breaking Dawn***SPOILER ALERT***

August 5, 2008 at 12:58 am (Reviews)

So, it goes without saying that fans of the Twilight books who have not yet read the fourth installment in this series should move along so as to not be spoiled. I wish I could say that I read this book without any knowledge of what is to come, but like the true spoiler slut I am, I read the reviews and was VERY concerned with what others had to say. I was even so wigged out by the terrible reader reviews that I considered not reading Breaking Dawn at all. 

How very, very happy I am that I chose to ignore what other fans were saying and actually read the thing myself! 

Stephanie Meyer has been criticised by many of her fans for giving Bella ‘everything’ in this novel. There are howls of protest over who Jacob imprints, over Bella’s rather rapid and shocking transformation from klutzy adolescent girl to mother to vampire, and over the admittedly awkward shift in character perspective throughout the book. 

I think the real problem here is that many of the fans are pissed that they didn’t get the ending THEY wanted. This wasn’t how they wanted Bella to finally join the Cullen family or the closure they wished for Jacob. They expected Ms Meyer to continue along in the same tone of the first three books and somehow find a way to please everybody. 

I’m not going to go into specifics here, but suffice it to say, we all need to remember that these books are FANTASY novels. Realism hasn’t exactly been a big part of the series thus far; why get all bent out of shape over things being more than a bit fantastical? I mean, c’mon kids, how many vampires do YOU know who go to  high school, glitter in the sun like diamonds, and have special powers? Hell, how many vampires do you know PERIOD? 

There have also been complaints that Bella ‘gets everything’ in this book and there’s no sacrifice, which apparently disappoints a lot of the fans. I think she sacrifices plenty, and anyone who really reads this book (especially the scene where Bella gives birth, oy) would be nuts to think Bella has an easy time of things. While children are a blessing and a gift, to suggest that Bella having a baby is a lovely thing, with nothing but rainbows and sweetness and light, in my opinion, the baby she HAS (not to mention her pregnancy *shudders*) is anything but. 

So, to everyone freaking out over this novel, please remember a couple things: the book is not supposed to be realistic, or a morality tale; it is also Ms Meyer’s creation, her baby, and to deride her work in the manner so many are doing is unfair and petty. True fans will appreciate it for what it is and be grateful that we even got a fourth book. 

And I think I need to go read it again; the mark of a perfectly delicious book.



  1. indielit said,

    Be grateful we even got a fourth book? Seriously? Literature is a work of art, not a plate of mixed veggies doled out by mom at mealtime. “There are plenty of starving children in third world countries who would be glad to have Breaking Dawn. Now, you sit there until those peas are gone.” I’m just… kind of surprised by that opinion. And in disagreement with it.

    As for “deriding” her work… Like I said, literature is art. You discuss it. You mull it over. Sometimes, you disagree with it. No work of art is infallible. That’s part of its beauty. Different parts of it appeal to different people. Other parts may be offensive or simply undesirable. Part of the risk in creating is putting part of yourself on display; opening yourself up to criticism and praise alike. I’m sure Meyer can handle it without smalltime, vigilante defense brigades.

  2. queensmartass said,

    Well, there’s one of the MANY differences between a person such as yourself, and, well, me!
    I myself think that anyone who considers YA vampire fantasy novels to be works of literature needs a bit of help, personally.
    I… I guess your attempt to appear intellectual and rather disagreeable on the ‘Net just crashed and burned.
    Now run along and peruse another classic: Gossip GIrl perhaps?

  3. bella0rose said,

    well, ok. I know Im only thirteen, but I have to go with the literature is art thing! I mean, I finished that book in thirteen and a half hours, so what do I know? Maybe the people that dispise this ending are right! Maybe they’re so wrong, they’re not even in the same zip code as right, but we arent ones to judge. I mean, people look at things from different perspctives.
    For example, people that think jacob should have ended up with bella, think edward is a waste of her time, but it may not be right, and it may not agree with every other person.

    Me, personally, felt like I was reading a 756 page, well written fanfiction. A VERY well written fanfiction. But that is just my opinion. And like I said before, what does a thirteen year-old know about this? I may share my opinion, but like i said and hope people agree with me, my opinion is my opinion, not a fact.

  4. queensmartass said,

    bella0rose, don’t sell yourself short due to your age. Firstly, your comment was not only much more civil that the rubbish posted by indielit, but it was also written in a much more mature and polished manner. The points YOU raised actually back up your position on this as opposed to merely attempting to draw me into a pissing match.
    I am in complete agreement with you that this book was very much like fanfiction; what I find truly interesting is how many readers didn’t consider the first three to be of the same quality of writing.
    bella, I enjoyed all four of these books for what they are: junk food for the brain, penny candy for the intellect, etc. Not a single one of these books can be classified as literature in my opinion, and it is HUGELY insulting to actual masters of the craft to lump them in as such.
    All of Meyer’s books read like nicely packaged fanfic, honey. All of them. A true work of literature canNOT be read in 5 hours or even 13 hours. Go pick up a work of Chaucer, Laurence, Milton, etc. and finish it in thirteen hours. THEN write a full review on it to illustrate you caught every aspect of the work.
    I myself read each of the Meyer books in under 4 hours. Thought they were great fun, very cheesy, very silly, very juvenile.
    And there’s nothing wrong with that, unless someone is expecting a great work of art. To me, Breaking Dawn is no better or worse than any of these books; I would recommend them for my daughter but certainly not my mother, although she and I share similar tastes in books. Think on that for a bit 🙂

    bella, a thirteen year old knows PLENTY about what she does or doesn’t like to read. Your comments are welcome here ANY time and I appreciate the intelligent manner in which you have posted your opinion.

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