WELL! Hahaha

August 5, 2008 at 2:37 pm (About me)

Goodness me, apparently I upset a few people by  daring to suggest that the Twilight books are NOT on par with works of art such as The Canterbury Tales, Pride and Prejudice, Paradise Lost, etc. 

I think I forgot what it’s like to be young and so desperately in love with a series of books that anything going against my opinion was tantamount to heresy…

Wait, you know, I was never quite that rabid! Whoops!

The fact is, people, this is my blog and I’m going to write about what I want, when I want and how I want. I also am going to respect the opinions of people who comment here so long as they a) display a level of intelligence above that of a jellyfish and b) back up their opinions with the writing skills normally taught at the 8th grade level. 

In all seriousness though, this is how I see it: people who get hooked on certain series tend to feel very passionately about the characters, plot, etc. They feel possessive about Bella, Edward, Jacob, etc and almost elevate very mediocre (but always fun!!!) books to the level of REAL literature. And that’s fine, absolutely, as long as such silliness doesn’t try to engage with ME. 

Because I’ve read YA fluff and I’ve read regular fluff (VC Andrews, anyone?), and I’ve read literature. And I will NEVER be willing to lump all three categories together. To do so is an insult to the great masters of this art and while I respect the work done by Meyer and Andrews’ ghostwriters, to suggest that they are on par is utterly ridiculous. Fluff is fluff and to expect it to be more or flip out when things don’t go the way YOU would have written it is juvenile to say the least.  If you can do so much better, then get thee to Word and start writing boys and girls!

So, straight up, this blog is for my friends; while I have no beef with people reading it, getting pissed at it, loving it, wtfever, I DO have a beef with those who come here to flame. Your comments HAVE been and will continue to be removed. None of us are interested in blog wars, at least, those of us who interact like adults. This blog isn’t for that, it’s for the people I care about. And anyone who is going to get THAT hysterical and obnoxious over a rather average series of books, well, come back in ten years or so. Thank you and have a SMASHING day! 


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