Letting go

September 8, 2008 at 4:16 pm (My family)

So the day finally came. The day that signaled the end of an era for me, the day that I truly have been contemplating with an air of both excitement and dread. 

My baby started kindergarten last week. His sister goes to the ‘big kid school’ in the neighbouring town and really couldn’t give two figs about school anymore. The pretty pencils and glittery Hannah Montana binders just aren’t enough of an incentive to get her psyched for class these days. I would venture to guess that until she hits high school it’s going to be very dull going for her, as it was for me. 

The Beast on the other hand…

Oh my.

Oh my oh my oh my. He’s been ready for this for a WHILE now and nothing could possibly thrill him more (well, almost nothing; one must never underestimate the power of the upcoming Fall Fair) than heading off to school to make new friends and have new adventures.

Adventures that do not include ME. And not only that, but my influence will no longer be the dominant one in his life. From now on there’s ‘my teacher says’ and ‘Owen says’ etc to look forward to. Every day he’s got a new best friend and every day he’s challenging my previously unchallenged knowledge in the realm of ‘why things are’.

This is a good thing; I know the apron strings need to be cut and I know that the odd combination of freedom and structure are inherently good for my boy. Still, it’s more than a bit sad for me to drop him off at school in the afternoons, wave goodbye, and then head home. 

I am now on my own for four hours, four days a week. I have not been on my own at ALL (well, when not working anyway) for ten years. TEN YEARS! What on earth am I going to do with myself? I suppose I could try to take in some of the local culture on my afternoons off *snort*.

Oh, wait, that’s right… my options are limited to beer and haying. Yeah. I think not. Unless those cowboys from Wyoming roll back into town there’s not a whole heck of a lot here to catch my interest. 

So until something better comes along I suspect I’ll continue my pleasant (if somewhat dull at times) routine of working on recipes, my writing, and waiting for the kids to come tumbling through the front door just before 4 PM. 

And the fact that even when he’s not here I swear I can still hear my Beastie crashing through the house, well, it should worry me, but it doesn’t yet.


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