Thoughts on the Sarah Palin theories regarding her son Trig

September 10, 2008 at 12:03 am (Rant)

I’ve been doing lots of reading lately; finding myself with child-free time has given me the opportunity to relax a bit and catch up on some authors I previously didn’t have much time to enjoy. 

Curiously, this has spilled over onto my computer time and I find myself perusing blog after blog and article after article. Today I read about the rumours and innuendos swirling around Governor Sarah Palin and the birth of her fifth child.

Now, right off the bat let me make it very clear that I am about to express my OPINION, which is certainly not an expert one. I also must stress the fact that I am a libertarian who is very happy to be Canadian and thusly excused from having to vote for Obama or McCain, as I feel neither should be ‘Leader of the Free World’. If only Michelle Obama were the one who would be running things…

Anyway, back on track here. 

I honestly am more than a bit perturbed by all the rumours flying around that Trig Palin is Gov. Palin’s grandchild. Not because I think that has any bearing on whether or not she’s qualified to be VP, but because it’s REALLY nobody’s business whether or not she is his biological mother. She’s his mother, end of story. Even if her daughter gave birth to him, she is his mother. Leave it be, folks, seriously! Nope, what I find perturbing about the whole thing is the fact that if Gov. Palin IS this child’s biological mother, she apparently endangered this baby’s life by giving a flippin’ speech AFTER her water broke and then proceeded to board a plane to head back home to give birth.

Um… exqueese me? Who in her right mind would do this? ESPECIALLY a pro-life crusader! I mean, the woman had given birth four times before, so she KNEW that in order to prevent infection and do her very best for that baby it was imperative she get her beauty queen ass to the nearest hospital right away. That’s what they tell us blue-collar mommies in prenatal; one would assume that her high priced care provider would have done the same.

So, I guess what I’m getting at is this: what kind of woman would act with such blatant disregard for the health and LIFE of her unborn child? The kind of woman who could be President if, gods forbid, anything were to happen to McCain whilst in office? A woman with that kind of ‘morality’? If the American public are foolish enough to select McCain and Palin to lead their country then I truly weep for their future.

Cuz it most certainly won’t be a bright one.


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