“You chose to have kids, YOU take care of ’em!”

September 17, 2008 at 3:51 pm (Rant)

Aaaaah… nothing guaranteed to get me fired up first thing in the morning like a bunch of comments on the CBC website! 

I suppose the furor began over Jack Layton’s proposed expansion of subsidized daycare slots should the NDP get into power in our forthcoming election. There’s the usual old fart rhetoric of ‘in my day…’ and the young pup attitude of ‘I don’t have kids why should I pay for them’ peppered with a few choice comments from people who actually HAVE children. 

It’s rather entertaining… did y’all know that the majority of low income parents spend their days smoking pot and purchasing 50 inch plasma televisions? Sure is news to me; where do I sign up? After all, having been all over the spectrum in terms of my income bracket I’d say I have a fairly good understanding of how the average low income parent spends whatever money is on hand. I had absolutely no idea that instead of making sure I always have milk, fresh produce, bread, decent clothes for my kids, etc I should fall in line with my peers and sit back, smoke dope, and enjoy my huge tv!

Reality check people: while there are always those who abuse the system and manage to find ways to profit off our society, for every 1 of these there are 100 who are working their asses off to provide the best life possible for their families. And yeah, a single parent and one child constitutes a family. The Conservative party did one hell of a good job pulling the wool over the eyes of so many Canadians in the last election with their pitiful $100 monthly payoff that was supposed to go towards subsidizing daycare costs. I can say with PRIDE that I saw that bullshit for what it is, namely an incredible waste of resources and an insult to those of us who actually needed daycare. 

Imagine what $1200 annually per child under 6 could’ve done for established daycare centres! Imagine how many people who’ve been turned away by childcare providers simply because they don’t have the funds to provide space for an additional child could’ve continued working and contributing to our economy! Imagine how many single parents could’ve gone to college or university and thusly worked towards a career that would not only support a family (and well) but would also contribute to society! 

It’s easier to just throw money at the voters; less effort involved and certainly, that is what the Conservative party is ALL about. 

I know some of my readers vote Conservative, and I am truly sorry for it, as in my opinion, to vote Conservative is to vote lazy these days. It wasn’t always this way, there was a time when that party had some fantastic ideals and the morality to stand by their ideals, but those days are done.

But anyway, back to the whole childcare debacle. 

I think what has me so fired up is the attitude from the fossils-oh, excuse me, older folk- that in their day the mommy took care of the kids while the daddy went to work and this produced shining examples of humanity who are productive, wonderful members of society.



You betcha!

What I want to know is why these great examples of Canadian citizens didn’t instill some sense of personal responsibility in so many of their children (well, honestly, their sons more than anyone else)! I mean, if Mommy did such a bang-up job of raising you guys, why didn’t YOU teach YOUR children to provide for THEIR children once they’ve decided to take off and ‘find themselves’ whilst leaving their exes to provide all the emotional and financial support. Your generation did a SHIT job of raising their children; the ridiculous number of deadbeat dads screwing around is a testament to THAT. Hell, the number of young moms who dump their kids off with their parents so they can run around and have their supposed ‘fun’ is staggering as well. 

And while I’m commenting on the older generation, might I add that in a few years, when you’re rotting away in some government-funded care facility and having your arse wiped and your spittle mopped up by some care provider, you’re going to be VERY grateful for the subsidized daycare that allowed that worker’s parents to make a living and do more than sit on welfare for five years. 

But you know… you’re not going to be MY senior. I sure as hell had nothing to do with you growing old, and those of you who chose to be childless aren’t going to have grown children to care for you, visit you, love you, etc. You’re going to have strangers cleaning up your shit and piss and those strangers will be paid for with MY tax dollars. The difference between people like me and people like you is that I believe my tax dollars SHOULD go to caring for seniors (even ones I want no part of). 

Because that’s part of living in a society. It’s not supposed to be about ‘me’ it’s supposed to be about ‘community’.

I know, that makes me Socialist, right? 

Heck, call me that, call me a Commie; I could care less, as long as you don’t call me a Conservative!

Rant over.

And for the record, not every senior is a fossil; only the ones who talk out of their asses.

My grandma is a VERY cool senior; too bad there aren’t more like her. When the time comes I will wipe whatever of hers need wiping.



  1. robert said,

    I don’t know how things work in Canada but I think that if you want to have kids then you should be able to support them. It should be a pre-requisite that if you don’t have the means to support a child then you should have no right to bear one. In society there seems to be a prejudice against the ‘non-breeders’ which in my opinion is a no-no. If I choose to not have a child then I don’t see why I should be punished for it. In my mind , I’m doing society a favour by not being a drain on resources as a single parent. If circumstances dictate otherwise then it’s about time the single parent’s did something about getting the ‘other half’ to contribute to their kids existence, it’s the right thing to do….and any ‘father’ who doesn’t is just a no good layabout

  2. robert said,

    why was my comment removed? Did you not agree with it?…..that smacks of communism.

  3. queensmartass said,

    You’re actually missing the point Robert; it’s not about having the means to support a child, it’s about subsidized child care. In Canada we already have a system in place to help offset the costs of daycare so that low income (or single) parents can remain in the workforce and support their children themselves, without handouts. The Conservative party offered all parents of children under the age of 6 a monthly, taxable cheque of $100. In theory this was supposed to help with daycare costs, but in actuality can be spent any way the parent chooses.
    I (and many others like me) feel the money being pissed away on this program would’ve been better spent by being funneled into the system already in place, thus making more daycare spots available for working parents.
    I’m not sure if you have children, or if you’ve faced the dilemma of desperately needing someone to watch your child while you work. I have. Not fun in any sense of the word. And while some may think that it’s possible to force deadbeat parents to shoulder their share of the financial responsibility, there are a lot of ways around the court system. I know more than one man who works under the table and claims to be without income in order to avoid court ordered maintenance.
    Noooow… dude, a couple things I really must stress to you: one, your comment wasn’t removed, it was awaiting moderation. You need to chill the hell out, buddy.
    Secondly, I agree with you that non-breeders shouldn’t be punished for remaining childless by choice. Not everyone should have children and I respect those who are informed and intelligent enough to know when they’re not cut out for parenthood.
    And thirdly, finally, you’re throwing out little accusations of communism in one breath, while in another you’re clearly a proponent of the state making reproductive decisions for individuals. That goes against everything most democracies stand for.
    Think on that.

  4. Dan aka Drummerdude said,

    I think you rock for even caring to post about lazy parents.

    Btw…good to see you still posting.

  5. queensmartass said,

    Aw thanks Dan 🙂 I care to post about a lot of things; life just tends to intrude a lot of the time though.

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