Vitaly Kaloyev: a murderer who was richly rewarded

February 14, 2009 at 9:17 pm (Rant)

Some thoughts on Vitaly Kaloyev.
For those who are unaware of who this piece of shit is, he is the father of two children who died in a tragic air disaster in 2002. He made the questionable choice to search for the bodies of his children and wife and understandably, was devastated by the horrific loss of his family.
Almost two years later he hunted down the air traffic controller who he believed to be at fault for the tragedy. Vitaly Kaloyev butchered this man, Peter Nielsen, who had been so devastated by what had happened on his watch that he had NEVER returned to his job as an ATC.
Curiously, although Vitaly Kaloyev was convicted for the murder he KNOWINGLY committed (with premeditation btw), he was released in 2007 and has been lauded a ‘hero’.
Let’s hear it for Russia, the land where murderers are considered heroes and are rewarded with cushy new jobs at the government level. Let’s hear it for a society that calls such a piece of excrement a hero and lines up in the streets to sing his praises.
I find it VERY telling that I have been unable to find a single statement from the other parents who lost children in that disaster praising this bastard for what he did.
Peter Nielsen was found to be not responsible for what happened when those planes collided. The company he worked for, however, most definitely bears the brunt of the responsibility for those deaths. However, even if the mistakes made were wholly Peter Nielsen’s fault, he did NOT deserve to be gutted in the street by a man who today has ZERO remorse for killing Nielsen and destroying the lives of three innocent children. Whatever trauma Kaloyev experienced by losing his family is NOTHING compared to the trauma suffered by the Nielsen family who literally saw a beloved husband and father knifed to death by a monster. Because what happened in 2002 was an ACCIDENT; what Kaloyev did was not.
Vitaly Kaloyev, I’m here to tell you that your wife and children are ASHAMED of you, wherever they are.
May you get EXACTLY what you deserve, which is a life devoid of happiness and filled with horror. You are a disgrace, and one whom I hope gets exactly what he deserves.



  1. D said,

    Well said, very well said.

  2. Nitin said,

    What sort of an idiot writes crap like that? Must obviously have mental problems. I for one would do as Vitaly did.

    • queensmartass said,

      You would hunt down and butcher an innocent man over a tragic accident, in front of that man’s family no less, and you think *I* am the one with mental problems? You keep telling yourself that cupcake…

    • munemo12 said,

      Shit head!!

    • Dom Mackay said,

      So then, presumably you won’t mind if one of Peter Nielsen’s family comes knocking at your door with a knife. Killing seems to be the solution to tragedy in your twisted, perverted mind. Nielsen never murdered anyone – he tried his best under appalling conditions to stop this accident. Of course, you wouldn’t understand that, you worthless piece of shit. Go drown yourself – the world is overrun with murderous scum like you. Hope someone takes you out big time before you have the chance to do any harm to any civilised people.

      • Nathan said,

        Dom, you worthless piece of ****, you would fucking know a bit more had you ever considered the culprit’s nationality and culture he was raised in.

  3. Fuji said,

    Thanks for your post, queensmartass. I just saw another TV special about the Uberlingen disaster, and it floored me that this guy got a slap on the wrist for pre-meditated murder – and even worse, he is regarded as a “hero” by many. Truly revolting stuff, both him and his supporters. Tragedy is never an excuse for murder. A large part of the reason why the world is in such a shitty state is that many people think that it does.

  4. Mehmet said,

    I know how he feels like, but i wouldn’t kill Nielsen even if he was, as said, wholly guilty. There were a lot other mistakes done especially by Skyguide. I wouldn’t blame the Russian pilots either for not doing the TCAS instruction.

    • Jimminnefed said,

      In Russia at the time it was standard for the pilots to disregard TCAS in favor of human ATC

  5. Highlander said,

    The judgement of Swiss court was openly racist, in a good traditions Adolf Hitler. To a good Dane-Swiss controller, who slaughtered 71 “underhumans” the court gave what 2.5 years of house arrest? The Swiss cannot be blamed.

    Kaloev snapped, mentally. He lost everything, family, career, he got nothing in return. I wonder how much the pilots of DHL plane got from Swiss, would be interesting to compare.

    • queensmartass said,

      Not really sure how to respond to this, as it doens’t really make a lot of sense. But, hey, thanks for reading!

    • Fuji said,

      How exactly did Nielsen “slaughter” 71 people? What a horrible thing to impute to this man. From everything I have read and seen, he was a decent man who, through the knowing negligence of his employer, made a mistake. How dare you judge him. We will all be judged at the end, if only by our consciences.

      • queensmartass said,

        Well said Fuji

    • Paul said,

      What “undehumans” you f****ng moron? The judgement wasn’t racist idiot! Since they are white it can’t be racism! You should have written discrimination! There was no discrimination at all! The controller was OVERLOADED with work! Got that? OVERLOADED! Basically what Kaloyev did was to tell the executives that they are safe and the OVERWORKED people that make the mistakes are in danger so they can keep on doing what they do!

      He got a lot. He got a pretty good position in the North Ossetian Government! This is far from nothing! The air traffic control company offered him money but with an arrogant request.

      The DHL pilots were killed in the collision you f***ing moron!

      • CT said,

        I didn’t know racism depended on what race you are. Critical Race Theory is bullshit. Everyone is created equally and everyone has the same ability or defect to become a racist. None-the-less, I agree with you about Nielsen and Kaloyev.

      • Nathan said,

        Paul, when having a limited knowledge and calling a person an idiot without checking any sources is… well, unreasonable. I will not call you names b/c this is not what I came here for. If you ever feel like making an effort, please check definition of “racism”. Thank you.

  6. Sansovino said,

    Hatred does not cease by hatred; hatred ceases only by love. Blessings and peace upon Vitaly Kaloyev, and upon the family of Peter Nielsen. And to the author of this article, may you find the peace in your heart to let go of the anger and hatred you feel.

    • Vladmir Putin said,

      No. Fuck you. Vitaly Kaloyev is not a hero, and he needs life imprisonment.

  7. queensmartass said,

    Thank you Sansovino. I wrote this many years ago, and while I still feel that Vitaly is a disgusting human being who deserves nothing but sorrow and pain for the rest of his life, I don’t hate him. I pity him, because at some point he will realise what he has done, and the reality that he is a murderer, and likely not someone who his wife and children would want to even look at. It’s a sad, sad thing.
    Again though, thank you for your eloquent post; it is lovely.

  8. Ron said,

    OP is a nothing short of piece of shit. Vitaly is a Man.

    • queensmartass said,

      Ron, thank you so much for that eloquent comment; it truly has added so much to my post. Merry Christmas sweetpea xoxo

    • Paul said,

      What do you mean by OP? Yes, Vitaly is a man, but a man who couldn’t do anything. He didn’t kill the right person! The fact that he killed the air traffic controller won’t stop the executives to do what the usually do! Skyguide doesn’t give a shit about anyone.

      • queensmartass said,

        I believe OP is in reference to me, the original poster.

    • Dom Mackay said,

      You’re confusing men and murderers you stupid vicious ***t.

      ***Hey, sorry about the edit; I would prefer that we try to refrain from using words like that here. My teenager is starting to read this stuff and I don’t want her to think it’s cool to use that word. Thanks for commenting and again, I apologize for editing.

    • Vladmir Putin said,

      Let me guess, you’re a fucking Russian? LOL, have fun sucking Putin’s dick and burning gays over there in SHITLAND.

  9. Iwamoto said,

    I hope ********************************!!! I hope you’ll feel the pain the Vitaly did!!!

    ***queensmartass here: I am all for encouraging open dialogue here and trying to not censor anyone, but wishing death on people you know if completely inappropriate and unacceptable. Anyone who does so again will be banned. You have been warned***

  10. Brock Goerlitz said,

    That is why the Bible says “all of you be like-minded, showing fellow feeling, exercising brotherly love, tenderly affectionate, humble in mind, not paying back injury for injury or reviling for reviling, but, to the contrary, bestowing a blessing, because you were called to this course, so that you might inherit a blessing.” (1 Pet. 3:8, 9) Keeps form making this kind of mistake.

    • queensmartass said,

      Thank you for your thoughtful post 🙂

  11. Amanda said,

    You should not judge. You obviously don’t have children. This poor man LOST HIS MIND the day he LOST HIS ENTIRE FAMILY. HIS LIFE ENDED AS WELL. He had NOTHING left to live for. Although I do feel terrible for everyone involved here, I can totally see how Vitaly would feel the need for revenge.

    Sit up on your high-horse all you want but the lack of oxygen up there may prove detrimental in the long run.

    • Fuji said,

      But it wasn’t Nielsen’s fault! I can understand vengeance wreaked upon those who have wronged you or yours, but this doesn’t make sense! If he wanted an arguably justifiable homicide, he should have exacted his retribution upon the CEO of Skyguide, Nielsen’s negligent employer. Poor Mr. Nielsen did the best he could under difficult circumstances.

      • queensmartass said,

        Exactly so! Can you imagine the position he was in? And to have that happen? By all accounts he never recovered from it.

      • Subbu said,

        It was Nielsen’s fault. He was managing another airbus plane at the same time, he did not give DHL’s proper position. (2 o’clock in stead of 10 o’clock)

      • Anne said,

        Subbu, it was NOT his fault. He was cleared of any guilt. The Russian pilots were flying lower than the altitude instructed by Nielsen and they did not inform him that TCAS was giving them different instructions. Added to the fact that Skyguide’s management was incompetent for leaving one person on the job alone while allowing the other to take breaks and sleep even though it was against official protocol. Nielsen did the best he could under immense pressure and he was clearly traumatized by the whole thing enough to give up his job.

    • Vladmir Putin said,

      It was murder regardless you fucking retard. Life imprisonment for taking a life I’d say.

  12. queensmartass said,

    Amanda, I have three children. I can absolutely understand why this creature felt the need for revenge, and had he acted on impulse, in the heat of the moment, I would not feel as I do. That is not what happened. He waited and he planned. He then went to his victim’s home with every intention of doing the man harm and butchered him in front of his family.
    This is NOT a case of a grieving father seeking revenge against a person who murdered his family. This is a grieving father who MURDERED an overworked ATC who was totally devastated by the loss of lives in an ACCIDENT that yes, he was responsible for, but not solely. As I have stated before, nowhere do you see any of the other grieving parents applauding Vitaly for his crime.
    Thus far I have been extremely fair and polite to those leaving dissenting comments, regardless of how ill-mannered some have been, because I do not believe that just because this was ‘my’ blog I am the only one entitled to an opinion here. That said, none of you have the right to condescend to me and make assumptions about my life. I make no assumptions about yours and expect the same courtesy in return.

    • Subbu said,

      How Nielsen felt after the accident shouldn’t matter anyway. What he did at that point, costed a man his family.

      • queensmartass said,

        As I have said before, none of the other bereaved families stood behind what that psychopath did. And they all lost their children as well. Losing your family does not entitle you to murder an innocent human being.

    • Eve said,

      Oh my God, exactly!!! ( btw sorry for my English, I´m from Slovakia). I´ve always had the exact same opinion. It was a planned murder. 17 or 18 months after the tragedy he hired some private investigator to find Mr.Nielsen and he took a knife with himself. With the obvious intentions of killing him. But the court released him becouse of his unstable mental health? Becouse he acted in some sort of rage? Please, it was a cold blooded murder and that´s it. I´m not even going to write about the aftermath in Russia, the whole praising him a hero and a government job. It´s a disgrace to Mr. Nielsen and his family and it´s disgrace to justice and truth.
      I just really wish KARMA will find Vitaly Kaloyev…

    • Dom Mackay said,

      Very well said. This was no heat of the moment brainstorm. It was a cold, calculated, brutal act of murder on an innocent human being – in front of his wife and children. Anyone who wants to celebrate that deserves to decompose slowly in hell.

  13. Molybdenum Studios said,

    Reblogged this on Anything in Random, by MSP and commented:
    Another Blast from the Past: Vitaly Kaloyev murdered the air traffic controller Peter Nielsen because of a plane crash in 2002.

    Well, Kaloyev should have exploded Skyguide rather than killing Nielsen! Kidding. I just don’t think killing someone who did not do anything wrong is the right thing to do.

  14. B said,

    Kaloyev still isn’t remorseful about what he did to Nielson all these years later; I think that point is very telling about his character. No doubt that some families of victims of avoidable accidents can and do go through the stages of rage and the desire to lash out at someone, anyone who contributed to what happened. But they acknowledge that chain of responsibility, they accept the difference between a mistake causes by poor policy and laziness and deliberate negligence in the moment. Nielson was culpable in that he was overworked by his employers, who choose to put cost cutting at a premium above proper safety and staffing policy.

    Regardless of his anguish, Kaloyev chose to become a murderer. He could have written a letter to Nielson and the head of Skyguide, and made clear what he thought of them. He could have initiated a civil suit against Skyguide and Nielson. He could have publicized Skyguide’s excuses and attempts to off cast their culpability to the press, and ruined the company’s reputation. He could have even went to Nielson’s house without a knife and only Nielson, or punched him and left. He chose to murder a man in front of children because he believed, and still believes, his suffering is paramount and more important than other people’s lives. He’s ruined the lives of three children and seems to feel no empathy for it. Would his wife and children wanted him to become this kind of person?

    • CT said,

      I agree B. It’s sad on here how some justify Nielsen’s murder and creating more victims. If this murderer wasn’t protected by the Russian Government, would it be justifyable for Nielsen’s family to go after him and kill him now ????

      • Vladmir Putin said,

        The Russian government are a bunch of corrupt cunts led by Putin. He’s basically modern day hitler.

  15. Marcus said,

    I feel so terribly sorry for Peter Nielsen’s family. I wonder whether Vitaly Kaloyev or any of us would have made the same mistake when placed in the awful pressure-cooker environment that Nielsen found himself in on that fateful night. My primitive core feels a tremendous hatred towards Kaloyev but ironically that also helps me to imagine the hatred that caused him to commit the atrocity that he did.

  16. Steve Smith said,

    I’ve studied the incident most carefully, and read all of your comments. Let’s be mature shall we(?), and look at the big picture. Vitaly Kaloyev’s actions were wrong, and it was wrong to laud him in Ossetia as a hero. I do see his mental state as extenuating and mitigating circumstances in the commission of the crime, which I judge to be manslaughter 1. Peter Neilsen was barely guilty of anything if anything at all, but we can call it manslaughter 4. Skyguide as a corporate entity, manslaughter 1 also, with contempt charges for trying to pay hush money to silence victims, and perjury. There is no racism anywhere in this case. Ossetian children are just innocent children, and Mr. Neilsen’s children were just innocent children. What we see so often in this world, is that tragedy sometimes begets tragedy, creating compound tragedy, and that, simply, is what this situation was, and remains. I hope the intervening years have brought even a small measure of peace to the hearts of those close to it.

  17. mitchell van beekum said,

    Vitaly Kaloyev.. MY MAN,MY HERO…BIG RESPECT .. what a gay little story you wrote here.. glad for you he didn’t butchered the whole family, then youre gay little story would be much longer

    • queensmartass said,

      I wish I could be surprised by a semi-literate bigot considering this man a hero, but…… Well.
      Thanks for providing a perfect example to my younger readers as to why staying in school is so important.

    • Dan said,

      Vitaly, the other idiot posters such as yourself are not men. You’re boys who were too lazy to think outside of the clearly substandard upbringing that your negligent parents were able to give so that you could grow up to be men. You’re part of a vicious cycle of savage ignorance within your family line that is in a downward spiral on it’s exit from this planet via evolution. The only thing that would mate with boys like yourself is other substandard humans. The garbage of your society.

    • Vladmir Putin said,

      Found the Russian! Lol, why don’t you go back to sucking Putin’s dick and burning gays? This cunt ISN’T A HERO. He’s a murderer who DESERVES LIFE, REGARDLESS OF REASONS.

    • Mik said,

      Lol, gay rat cops black dik. The ruskie should of did the whole barrio in. In the name of the father. Cop that Swiss cheese. That will teach for being a slacker. Dik head couldn’t handle the pressure – no bloody excuses. Those poor kids deserved better than oh, I’m over worked and panicked. They are trained to not make these stuff ups.

  18. randomguy said,

    While I do feel said for Vitaly’s loss, He took it in such a douchebag way, I lost 100% of respect. I dont give a shit that this stuff is what they do in his area.

  19. SkyGuyd said,

    People tragically lose loved ones all over the world on a daily basis actually. But they don’t stalk the culprit of their loss for almost 2 years and murder them. Actually the animal Vitaly is a sociopath and murderer who masqueraded as an architect and loving father. Losing his family was just an excuse to actually perform the murder. He “says” Peter disrespected him and pushed his hand back after being shown the dead pics of his family. I seriously doubt it. Most likely Peter was apologizing to him when the monkey from North Ossetian, city of Vladikavkaz, stabbed him. Given the character of vitally, his wife would have left him anyway.

  20. greggwilliamgiddens said,

    I am happy that you wrote this.
    I only ever heard of this disaster now in 2015.
    I admit being shocked, stunned, saddened, and perpetually horrified by the likes of Vitaly Koloyev.
    Men of rage like this do not come to be this way overnight.. even with the horror he suffered. I would not be surprised to find past violence on his part, possibly even directed at his wife or children. Is it possible that his murder of Mr. Nielson was as much his own “guilt” as it was “grief”.

    71 families lost children and loved ones.. yet none of them acted in such a calculating murderous rampage.
    It was clear and obvious that a variety of factors led to this accident.. yes, ACCIDENT.

    Mr. Koloyev acted selfishly.
    I am a firm non-believer in the justification of revenge. Or as Koloyev called himself basically an avenger.
    He stated that all he wanted was an apology yet skyguides CEO did issue a formal apology.

    Given that Koloyevs own ideology is to “avenge” his family… should he have disdain for the moment when or if Peter Nielsons children should stand before him, promptly blowing his brains out?

    If he had bothered to write Peter Nielson and try and talk to him,.likely the two men could have found solace.. but he chose to act more like a ravenous animal..

    What a sad story… made even more sad that it was Peter Nielsons family who received no justice from the Swiss courts.

    Peter Nielson made a mistake under heavy stress.. he was suffering the consequences daily.. he was more than devastated by all much so that he needed medical attention.. He did not deserve to be slaughtered before the eyes of his children…

    Sad story… and the part of me wanting to sympathize with Koloyev was lost because his actions voided any sympathy he deserved…..

    p.s. to the idiot who wrote that Peter Nielsen “slaughtered 71 people”. How? Please do tell how he slaughtered a soul? He screwed up at work based on the stress of working in conditions that were illegally set up by his employer. He should never have been up there alone that night doing 2 jobs.. the guy who ran off on break seems more at fault. Skyguide and the government were the obvious neglegent bunch… (and by the way, to “slaughter” implies INTENT dummy.. Koloyev was the one who slaughtered someone…… very sad.

  21. someone said,

    Yes,he should not kill the controller; instead, maybe the controller’s wife and daughters

    • queensmartass said,

      Question for you cupcake: have you made it past grade one yet? Do you have even one iota of the brain function required in order to master basic reading comprehension, legal definitions, etc? I’m guessing that the answer to the following is ‘no’. Would you like to know how I arrived at this stunning conclusion?
      Pretty simple. Manslaughter and homicide are two very different offenses. The controller was not responsible for the tragedy that killed those poor people. He was overworked and the company was understaffed at that time. Whereas Psycho made a CHOICE. He made a choice to go to a man’s home and butcher him in front of his family.
      Go back to school and get some education, you fucking insufferable troglodyte.

      • Mik said,

        Go suck on a black dick you opinionated freak. The ruskie showed tremendous restraint by not slaughing the whole barrio you brain dead imbocile. Poor Pete, couldn’t hack the pressure so everyone dies from his incompetence. They are trained for such incidents and there’s protocols to follow and he failed. He chose to confront the ruskie and was dark, cold and unremorsful. Lucky the ruskie didn’t do the whole lot in. Swiss cheese should of committed suwicide – how can anyone go on living after making such a mistake

  22. Sean said,

    Vitaly Kayolev is dead to me for this, that sick man. He deserves to die alone in a hole a slow painful death. It wasn’t right to make another death. If he was smart, he would of seen his connection with Peter Nielson. They were fathers and he wouldn’t of wanted his family to die if he were him but no, he doesn’t care for anybody else. He’s a monster! This world is corrupt.

  23. Mik said,

    The only piece of shit is Peter Nielson. Unrepentant incompetent prick got what he deserved. Its ironic don’t you think was splendidly slained in front of his pregnant wife and children. Know that puts the phrase revenge is best served cold at a different level. This dispicable man showed no remorse and took no responsibility for his disastrous divisions and choosed to hide behind skyguide lawyers in attempt to discredit the Russian pilots for the tragedy.
    I don’t know if you have heard of calmed but this dog got his and some.

    • queensmartass said,

      Don`t they teach proper English in Australia? Your incoherent ramblings would be somewhat entertaining if they weren’t so disgusting. Seek help.

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