What I’m Listening to… March 1

March 1, 2009 at 6:36 pm (Playlists)

Still wishing I’d gotten up at 3 in the morning (like I wanted to) and started baking whilst enjoying whatever iTunes spat out at me.
Alas, no, I’m too considerate to do such a thing *sniff* and therefore am only getting started now. How tragic.
Here’s today’s offering from Genius. Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy Genius?

Closer~ Kings of Leon
Falling Down~ Oasis
I’m Still Breathing~ Katy Perry
Tick Tick Boom~ The Hives
Sometimes~ James
Time is Running Out~ Muse
Thriller~ Fall Out Boy
Coffee & Tea~ Blur
Further~ Longview
Mojo~ Peeping Tom
Thinking of You~ Katy Perry
Dead Souls~ Nine Inch Nails
We Are Broken~ Paramore
Doll Parts~ Hole
Candy Shop~ Madonna
Judas~ The Verve
Your Woman~ White Town
Supermassive Black Hole~ Muse
#1 Crush~ Garbage
Perfect~ Smashing Pumpkins
Creep~ Radiohead
Where is my MInd~ The Pixies
Say Something~ James
Drive~ R.E.M.
Ultra Violet~ U2
Stop Crying Your Heart Out~ Oasis
It’s No Good~ Depeche Mode
We Used to Be Friends~ The Dandy Warhols
What Have You Done~ Within Temptation
Leave Out All the Rest~ Linkin Park
Drown~ Smashing Pumpkins
Knights of Cydonia~ Muse


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