On being me

March 2, 2009 at 3:10 pm (About me)

It’s raining today! Not only that, but this weeks highs and lows are promising the potential to remain above 0 C ALL WEEK!
Can it be? Can the hell known as winter finally be on its way out?
SOME people I know may find this upsetting; as lovely as said people may be, I feel no regret over the rapidly dwindling snow supply.
Because the sooner the white stuff goes away the sooner the trails will be in decent enough shape for me to haul my once-athletic ass into the sticks.
Hiking people, hiking! The end of winter signals the beginning of hiking season for me! Now that my boy is in kindergarten I will actually be able to get a small and tranquil hike in 4 days a week.
Every year I begin to get giddy at the beginning of March. Because the promise of the upcoming spring becomes more evident, less of a pipe dream. The snow washes away and wee bits of green begin to peek out, giving me hope that soon, soon this place will begin to resemble my home, albeit briefly.
This year I am particularly pleased with the end of winter and the beginning of the rainy season. Because once we are thawed out *I* will be busting my ass to get my driver’s license. Which signifies freedom. Which means my kids and I will actually have some semblance of the life I want for us.
No more fear, no more tentative requests to various friends for rides from a to b. Freedom will be MINE and I shall grasp it with both hands.
So for now, I watch the rain and rub my hands together in dastardly glee.


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