Thoughts on the end of something great ***BSG SPOILERS AHOY***

March 21, 2009 at 4:14 pm (Uncategorized)

In case anyone missed it in the title, this post contains massive spoilers from the series finale of arguably the best show ever to grace television. If you’re a fan of Battlestar Galactica and have yet to watch the finale (hell, season 4 really), stop reading this now, plant your ass in front of your tv or computer, and watch the bloody thing! THEN come back and give this a read.
When I first decided to give the Battlestar Galactica reboot a chance, I had very little information about what sort of show it was. Granted, I was a fan of the original; I have many fond memories of sitting with my grandfather as a child, watching BSG:TOS and Buck Rogers. I am fairly certain I have him to thank for my enduring love for all things Sci Fi.
But…here’s the thing: the reboot and the original have very, very little in common. They both carry the distinction of having the fantastic Mr Richard Hatch be a wonderful member of the cast. They are both about the last (we think) survivors of the human race searching for Earth.
Really though, that’s where the similarities end. Because the reboot had something the original didn’t. The reboot had Moore and Eick, Olmos and McDonnell, Espenson and the rest of the writing team (people to whom I bow down and worship, btw).
But I digress. We all know how talented the entire cast and crew of this show is. If I had to come up with a single weak link in the entire production I’d end up stuck here for days, wracking my brain, because there ISN’T ONE.
It took me perhaps until the end of the miniseries before I accepted the fact that I was hooked, this was great, and there would be no peace for me until I ripped through my shiny new DVD sets and got all caught up in time for Razor to air. Didn’t take me long, not at all. So I watched and cried; got attached and heartbroken. By the time four of the Final Five were revealed I was convinced that nothing the writers could do would surprise me anymore. I was wrong, of course; just one of the many reasons why I bow down to every writer that has contributed to the genius that is this show. I’m fairly critical of much of the writing on tv these days; there’s a lot of lazy work out there and I have zero tolerance for laziness when it comes to creativity. If you’re going to bring something to life then don’t half-ass it; NEVER half-ass it!
And so here we are… the finale aired last night and miracle of miracles, I was left in peace to watch it. For the first time in EONS my phone didn’t ring, my door went unknocked, and my cell only received about 5 texts. Hooray for the vibrate setting. I watched the finale with best friend S, coincidentally the same person I started the show with, and was enthralled.
When the final Cylon was revealed to be Ellen Tigh I was THRILLED; not surprised, I had been pretty certain it was her for some time. Kate Vernon is so incredibly talented, so good at being completely reprehensible one second and so vulnerable you want to weep for her the second, it made sense that she could pull off a shocker like that. Ms Vernon, wherever you are this morning, know that the work you did over the past four years is utterly remarkable.
Likewise, I have to give kudos to the gone but never forgotten Nicki Clyne, who portrayed Cally Tyrol. I confess, I loathed Cally for most of the show. Couldn’t stand her; she killed my Boomer goddammit!!!!! And then Tyrol MARRIED HER? Sorry, still find that a bit rotten. In any case, it is a testament to Nicki Clyne’s superb talent that I not only hated Cally for most of the show but then managed to absolutely LOVE her for her final few episodes in season 4. I cried for her, I was angry for her, I knew what she was feeling. When Tory murdered her in the most HIDEOUS manner this season I was enraged and also heartbroken. So… thank you Nicki! Because you made me love her. I don’t think any other actress could’ve done it.

***just a quick aside here… if anyone else was really, incredibly thrilled to see the Chief snap that bitch Tory’s neck like a frakkin twig last night, you’re not alone 😀

I point out these two performances because it’s really easy to look at the talent on BSG and forget about some of the lesser known actors. I think it’s been an accepted fact that Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Dean Stockwell, etc are the cream of the crop in the acting world for quite some time. Add Katee Sackhoff, the ONLY Starbuck worth mentioning, Grace Park, who never played two Eights the same, Aaron Douglas, who just….dazzles me with everything he does, and Michael Hogan, who just KILLED as the hard-assed alcoholic prick turned romantic mushball, and you have almost too much brilliance in one place. Yes, I know that’s a heinous run-on sentence; I really don’t give a frak.

And any show that gives us Tricia Helfer getting it on with James Callis… well. Something there for everybody. And truly, I hope to see much more of Tricia’s acting, because she really is amazing. Callis’ next gig is Merlin, I believe. Should be nifty.

Some of my favourite moments over the last four years:

Boomer’s a Cylon
Caprica Six shields Baltar from the nuclear blast
President Roslin tells Adama the war is over and we’ve lost
Athena and Helo (anything with them together; they rock)
Leoben shoving Kara towards her destiny
Starbuck and Six duke it out
Head Six and Head Baltar
Cally trusts a Cylon for the first frakkin time in her life and it ends up being the death of her
Galactica vs Pegasus
the Four are revealed through All Along the Watchtower
Ellen drinks from the cup, knowing full well what it means
Dualla blows her head off (a favourite moment because it was so unexpected, so brutal, so WRONG)
Frak Earth
Laura Roslin screeching that she’s ‘COMING FOR ALL OF YOU’
Boomer turns traitor, again and again. You’d think someone, anyone would’ve learned, right?
Tyrol sees what Tory’s big secret is and puts her down like the dog she is. Rekha Sharma I love you!!!!!!!!!
The look on Starbuck’s face when Anders and Tyrol are arrested as Cylons.

And on and on and on.

Four years of great moments, four years of speculation, four years of surprises, and it’s all over now.

I loved that the loose ends were tied up. I love knowing that Caprica Six and Baltar end up together, just as the series began. I love knowing that Laura died with grace and dignity, with the one who loved her. I love knowing that Starbuck did indeed have a destiny, one that she fulfilled magnificently. I love that all WAS revealed, and that all this has happened before and will happen again.

Because the best part about Battlestar Galactica (in MY opinion) is the portrayal of humanity at its best and worst. There are very, very few characters who are black or white in terms of morality. Just about everyone is grey, which, truly, is pretty darned accurate in terms of most people. No one is all good or all bad; we all have the capacity for both and I think BSG illustrated that to perfection.

So… thank you to everyone involved with BSG for four wonderful years. Thank you to everyone who knew who the Final Cylon was and DIDN’T spill. That right there was the best kept secret in modern television. Thank you to all the actors who never got lazy, never let their egos get in the way of the work they were doing. Thank you to the writers who kept us guessing for four years!!! Thank you to the crew who are usually the unsung heroes of any successful show.
Thank you.

In a few weeks the DVD of Caprica will go on sale (I’m pre-ordering mine today WOOOOT) and we will have the chance to look at all this with a fresh perspective. I can only hope this series is half as good as BSG. This fall the movie Battlestar Galactica: The Plan will either air on tv or be released on DVD (not sure which at this point; anyone?) and we will get to see the initial storyline from the Cylon perspective.

Until then I will be rewatching my favourite show from the beginning. That’s right, Carnivale has been pushed to the number 2 spot. BSG is where it’s at, now and always.

So say we all.


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