Vitaly Kaloyev: a murderer who was richly rewarded

February 14, 2009 at 9:17 pm (Rant)

Some thoughts on Vitaly Kaloyev.
For those who are unaware of who this piece of shit is, he is the father of two children who died in a tragic air disaster in 2002. He made the questionable choice to search for the bodies of his children and wife and understandably, was devastated by the horrific loss of his family.
Almost two years later he hunted down the air traffic controller who he believed to be at fault for the tragedy. Vitaly Kaloyev butchered this man, Peter Nielsen, who had been so devastated by what had happened on his watch that he had NEVER returned to his job as an ATC.
Curiously, although Vitaly Kaloyev was convicted for the murder he KNOWINGLY committed (with premeditation btw), he was released in 2007 and has been lauded a ‘hero’.
Let’s hear it for Russia, the land where murderers are considered heroes and are rewarded with cushy new jobs at the government level. Let’s hear it for a society that calls such a piece of excrement a hero and lines up in the streets to sing his praises.
I find it VERY telling that I have been unable to find a single statement from the other parents who lost children in that disaster praising this bastard for what he did.
Peter Nielsen was found to be not responsible for what happened when those planes collided. The company he worked for, however, most definitely bears the brunt of the responsibility for those deaths. However, even if the mistakes made were wholly Peter Nielsen’s fault, he did NOT deserve to be gutted in the street by a man who today has ZERO remorse for killing Nielsen and destroying the lives of three innocent children. Whatever trauma Kaloyev experienced by losing his family is NOTHING compared to the trauma suffered by the Nielsen family who literally saw a beloved husband and father knifed to death by a monster. Because what happened in 2002 was an ACCIDENT; what Kaloyev did was not.
Vitaly Kaloyev, I’m here to tell you that your wife and children are ASHAMED of you, wherever they are.
May you get EXACTLY what you deserve, which is a life devoid of happiness and filled with horror. You are a disgrace, and one whom I hope gets exactly what he deserves.


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Yay for the perpetuation of ignorance!

January 12, 2009 at 11:47 pm (Rant)

An email I received today:

Subject: Fw: We SHOULD be concerned
> We SHOULD be concerned.
> Our National Anthem – at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics
> Please read and forward to as many Canadians you can think of – thank you
Bruce Allen is on the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Committee and new Canadians (specifically Hindi’s/Indian’s) want him fired for his recent comments outlined below:
> I am sorry, but after hearing they want to sing the National Anthem in Hindi at the 2010 Olympics- enough is enough. Nowhere or at no other time in our Nation’s history, did they sing it in Italian, Japanese, Polish, Irish (Celtic), German, Portuguese, Greek, or any other language because of immigration. It was written in English, adapted into French, and should be sung word for word the way it was written.
The news broadcasts even gave the Hindi version translation – which was not even close to our National Anthem. I am not the least bit sorry if this offends ANYONE, this is MY COUNTRY; My Grand Dad served in the military, other family members also served, as well as my wife & I served a combined total of 56 years between us. We made many sacrifices for our country and do not feel we should feel obligated to allow invited people we’ve welcomed with open arms to influence & change our society to better resemble the one they chose to leave to come here!!! – IF YOU AGREE ABOUT THIS GREAT COUNTRY, SPEAK UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE
I am not against immigration. In fact I believe we need more, my ancestors were immigrants — just come through like everyone else. Get a sponsor; a place to lay your head; have a job; pay your taxes, live by the Rules AND LEARN THE LANGUAGE as all other immigrants have in the past — and LONG LIVE CANADA!’
> It’s time we all get behind Bruce Allen, and scrap this Political Correctness His comments were anything but racist, however, there are far too many overly sensitive ‘New Canadians’ that are attempting to change everything we hold dear.
ARE you PART OF THE PROBLEM ??? Think about this: If you don’t want to forward this for fear of offending someone, will we still be the Country of Choice and Still be CANADA if we continue to make the changes forced on us by the people from other countries who have come to live in CANADA because it is the Country of Choice??????

> Think about it!


> It’s Time for CANADIANS to speak up.. If you agree ? Pass this along; if you don’t agree?

> Delete it and reap what you sow because of your complacency!
Wow, it’s rather disappointing that this racist trash disguised as an email is STILL floating around the internet.
Fact: there has been NO movement to have the anthem sung in Hindi at the 2010 games. Not sure where this little rumour came from, but the internet is a wonderous place that allows urban legends to grow exponentially.
Fact: while Allen’s comments on this particular myth are not what I would consider racist, his rants in the past most definitely were. His attitude of ‘fit in or get out’ belongs elsewhere, NOT in Canada. We are not a melting pot, we are a mosaic. This isn’t MY country, YOUR country, or HIS country; this is OUR country, and this nation is comprised of many different cultures.
In case anyone is interested, these are the actual comments that prompted many people to demand some sort of consequences for Allen’s statements:

“If I didn’t know any better, it would seem that there’s been a lot of immigrant-bashing going on in the past few months. A month ago, the Sikh community was all up in arms about Passport Canada refusing to issue passports to three Sikh kids because they were wearing religious headgear for the photos. The children were wearing those handkerchiefs which are knotted at the top of the head to keep their hair intact. That incident came on the heels of an immigration plan that was in the works to have Sikhs with the surname Singh or Khan to change those names so as to avoid administrative mistakes. Too many Singhs, too many Khans, that was the problem. And now we’ve got a controversy over the fact that Elections Canada has said that it’s all right to have burka-covered Muslim women vote in elections when it is very clear that voters have to be able to be identified when going to the polls. All of these issues joined the list that contains the turban-wearing Mounties problem and the one where the motorcycle-rider was angry that he had to wear a helmet as it is impossible to get it on over his turban. This is all very simple. We have laws in this country. They are spelled out and they’re easy to get a hold of. If you are immigrating to this country and you don’t like the rules that are in place, then you have the right to choose not to live here. But if you choose to come to a place like Canada, then shut up and fit in. We are a democracy, but it seems more and more that we are being pilloried by special interest groups that just want to make special rules for themselves. This is easy to solve. These are the rules, there’s the door. If you don’t like the rules, hit it. We don’t need you here. You have another place to go; it’s called home. See ya.”

I AM concerned, damned straight. I am concerned that ignorance like this continues to be spread over the internet where innocent people might read and believe it.

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“You chose to have kids, YOU take care of ’em!”

September 17, 2008 at 3:51 pm (Rant)

Aaaaah… nothing guaranteed to get me fired up first thing in the morning like a bunch of comments on the CBC website! 

I suppose the furor began over Jack Layton’s proposed expansion of subsidized daycare slots should the NDP get into power in our forthcoming election. There’s the usual old fart rhetoric of ‘in my day…’ and the young pup attitude of ‘I don’t have kids why should I pay for them’ peppered with a few choice comments from people who actually HAVE children. 

It’s rather entertaining… did y’all know that the majority of low income parents spend their days smoking pot and purchasing 50 inch plasma televisions? Sure is news to me; where do I sign up? After all, having been all over the spectrum in terms of my income bracket I’d say I have a fairly good understanding of how the average low income parent spends whatever money is on hand. I had absolutely no idea that instead of making sure I always have milk, fresh produce, bread, decent clothes for my kids, etc I should fall in line with my peers and sit back, smoke dope, and enjoy my huge tv!

Reality check people: while there are always those who abuse the system and manage to find ways to profit off our society, for every 1 of these there are 100 who are working their asses off to provide the best life possible for their families. And yeah, a single parent and one child constitutes a family. The Conservative party did one hell of a good job pulling the wool over the eyes of so many Canadians in the last election with their pitiful $100 monthly payoff that was supposed to go towards subsidizing daycare costs. I can say with PRIDE that I saw that bullshit for what it is, namely an incredible waste of resources and an insult to those of us who actually needed daycare. 

Imagine what $1200 annually per child under 6 could’ve done for established daycare centres! Imagine how many people who’ve been turned away by childcare providers simply because they don’t have the funds to provide space for an additional child could’ve continued working and contributing to our economy! Imagine how many single parents could’ve gone to college or university and thusly worked towards a career that would not only support a family (and well) but would also contribute to society! 

It’s easier to just throw money at the voters; less effort involved and certainly, that is what the Conservative party is ALL about. 

I know some of my readers vote Conservative, and I am truly sorry for it, as in my opinion, to vote Conservative is to vote lazy these days. It wasn’t always this way, there was a time when that party had some fantastic ideals and the morality to stand by their ideals, but those days are done.

But anyway, back to the whole childcare debacle. 

I think what has me so fired up is the attitude from the fossils-oh, excuse me, older folk- that in their day the mommy took care of the kids while the daddy went to work and this produced shining examples of humanity who are productive, wonderful members of society.



You betcha!

What I want to know is why these great examples of Canadian citizens didn’t instill some sense of personal responsibility in so many of their children (well, honestly, their sons more than anyone else)! I mean, if Mommy did such a bang-up job of raising you guys, why didn’t YOU teach YOUR children to provide for THEIR children once they’ve decided to take off and ‘find themselves’ whilst leaving their exes to provide all the emotional and financial support. Your generation did a SHIT job of raising their children; the ridiculous number of deadbeat dads screwing around is a testament to THAT. Hell, the number of young moms who dump their kids off with their parents so they can run around and have their supposed ‘fun’ is staggering as well. 

And while I’m commenting on the older generation, might I add that in a few years, when you’re rotting away in some government-funded care facility and having your arse wiped and your spittle mopped up by some care provider, you’re going to be VERY grateful for the subsidized daycare that allowed that worker’s parents to make a living and do more than sit on welfare for five years. 

But you know… you’re not going to be MY senior. I sure as hell had nothing to do with you growing old, and those of you who chose to be childless aren’t going to have grown children to care for you, visit you, love you, etc. You’re going to have strangers cleaning up your shit and piss and those strangers will be paid for with MY tax dollars. The difference between people like me and people like you is that I believe my tax dollars SHOULD go to caring for seniors (even ones I want no part of). 

Because that’s part of living in a society. It’s not supposed to be about ‘me’ it’s supposed to be about ‘community’.

I know, that makes me Socialist, right? 

Heck, call me that, call me a Commie; I could care less, as long as you don’t call me a Conservative!

Rant over.

And for the record, not every senior is a fossil; only the ones who talk out of their asses.

My grandma is a VERY cool senior; too bad there aren’t more like her. When the time comes I will wipe whatever of hers need wiping.

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Thoughts on the Sarah Palin theories regarding her son Trig

September 10, 2008 at 12:03 am (Rant)

I’ve been doing lots of reading lately; finding myself with child-free time has given me the opportunity to relax a bit and catch up on some authors I previously didn’t have much time to enjoy. 

Curiously, this has spilled over onto my computer time and I find myself perusing blog after blog and article after article. Today I read about the rumours and innuendos swirling around Governor Sarah Palin and the birth of her fifth child.

Now, right off the bat let me make it very clear that I am about to express my OPINION, which is certainly not an expert one. I also must stress the fact that I am a libertarian who is very happy to be Canadian and thusly excused from having to vote for Obama or McCain, as I feel neither should be ‘Leader of the Free World’. If only Michelle Obama were the one who would be running things…

Anyway, back on track here. 

I honestly am more than a bit perturbed by all the rumours flying around that Trig Palin is Gov. Palin’s grandchild. Not because I think that has any bearing on whether or not she’s qualified to be VP, but because it’s REALLY nobody’s business whether or not she is his biological mother. She’s his mother, end of story. Even if her daughter gave birth to him, she is his mother. Leave it be, folks, seriously! Nope, what I find perturbing about the whole thing is the fact that if Gov. Palin IS this child’s biological mother, she apparently endangered this baby’s life by giving a flippin’ speech AFTER her water broke and then proceeded to board a plane to head back home to give birth.

Um… exqueese me? Who in her right mind would do this? ESPECIALLY a pro-life crusader! I mean, the woman had given birth four times before, so she KNEW that in order to prevent infection and do her very best for that baby it was imperative she get her beauty queen ass to the nearest hospital right away. That’s what they tell us blue-collar mommies in prenatal; one would assume that her high priced care provider would have done the same.

So, I guess what I’m getting at is this: what kind of woman would act with such blatant disregard for the health and LIFE of her unborn child? The kind of woman who could be President if, gods forbid, anything were to happen to McCain whilst in office? A woman with that kind of ‘morality’? If the American public are foolish enough to select McCain and Palin to lead their country then I truly weep for their future.

Cuz it most certainly won’t be a bright one.

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Things that make you go…WTF?!?!

August 5, 2008 at 8:42 pm (Rant)

Not really sure there are enough words in the English language to describe how incredibly asinine certain judges in Russia are. 

What bothered me equally were comments like this: “Working-class men get raped every day when they go to work at jobs that overwork them, pay them less and less for more and more work, abuse them, degrade them and rob them of any power, dignity they may have once had. Men are getting raped everyday – it’s just in a different, though no less significant way.”~posted by Chavezo8

and this: “I’m moving to Russia!”~posted by kimmie69

Are we de-evolving here?

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The Art of the Power-Trip

July 28, 2008 at 4:24 pm (Rant)

It really needs to be acknowledged that moderating or running a forum takes oodles of patience and dedication. The level of maturity necessary to perform such a task and perform it WELL far exceeds any benefits that the innocent may imagine are integrated with such a responsibility. 

I think this is why borderline psychotic mods who go on a power trip and make their rather unappetizing insecurities evident to the hapless souls who frequent forums piss me RIGHT the hell off. 

Case in point: the one-time WB message boards.

It was a time of fun, it was a time of serenity, it was a time when the WB both still existed AND laid claim to decent programming. Aaah, the good old days of a zillion posts regarding who Joey Potter should choose and whether or not Buffy was a total skank. I posted there with enthusiasm, youthful vigor, and occasional venom. 

It’s true… I was guilty of being a bit of a bitch. I DID pick fights on my bad days, but in my defense I only picked on people who were either complete idiots or so puffed up with the knowledge of their own superiority they were clearly begging to be taken down a peg or two. I threw the word ‘pedomorph’ around with laughable frequency, giggling over the outraged comebacks ‘yeah, well your a cow’ (sic) and wondering aloud what it would take to get Gilbore Girls off the air. 

Would like to note that as of 2007 that crap was STILL on the flippin air, but that’s a whole other topic. 

Not surprisingly, once the boards became moderated, I slowly became aware that my worthier adversaries were dropping like flies. The only people with the vocabulary and nerve to face me head on, as it were, were disappearing almost as soon as they made me double over in outrage and glee. Yeah folks, I LIKE a challenge, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good debate. 

Where were they going? Surely they weren’t running away; these kids were hard-core. 

And then it all became clear.

They were being BANNED.

That’s right, BANNED. 

Somehow they were offending the gods known as MODS and getting their wonderfully aggressive little arses tossed from the boards. 

I did a lot of head-scratching on that; looked for examples of my friendly foes being more offensive or abrasive than myself and finding none. It began to look as if anyone who opposed me would find that oh-so-scary email waiting in their inbox informing them that their presence was no longer wanted at the good ol’ WB.

Didn’t make much sense; as far as I knew I had no friends among the MODS. They had their groupies and I had my coterie of adversaries. 

There was clearly nothing to be done but try to get myself banned too. I wanted to see what it would take to get booted off the boards. I picked fights with more enthusiasm than I had ever displayed before in an effort to get that email. I wanted that email; I earned that email. 

And would you believe I never got one? Never. The only other bickering bastard who managed to maintain that status was my most excellent adversary: BobsMyUncle. To this day I must yield to his superior intellect if inferior taste in television programming. He was also a lot meaner than I was. Bob…wherever you are, I miss you man. You made me throw things across the room, coming up with truly creative profanity in YOUR HONOUR.

Long after I left the WB boards I remembered my magical ability to do or say anything and remain unbanned there. It was a curse or something.

Two days ago I was reminded that we all grow, we all change, and message boards, no matter how different they may SEEM at first, well kids, they’re all the same. For some reason, I can’t get banned and a number of Admin are complete assclowns. Now, however, I don’t pick fights. I somehow stumble into them, look for whomever seems to be the underdog, and wade on in. 

Which brings me to the original point of this post. Forum Admins have a responsibility to behave in an even more mature manner than the people who frequent their boards. 

Picking on teenaged girls and locking every freaking thread they start is NOT appropriate use of power. Going into people’s posts and sneakily, and ever so psychotically editing said post so as to warp the ENTIRE meaning, well, again: INAPPROPRIATE use of power. Playing favourites and calling decent people cheats just because there are obvious feelings of insecurity and inferiority, well, say it with me kiddies: NOT APPROPRIATE.

That would be why there’s gonna be a blue-haired bug squashed under my ever-so-sexy heel right quick here. 

Either that or there will be iridescent fairy wings hitting the blender.

And I betcha I won’t get banned.

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